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Consistent and Creative

Effective Direct Mail Marketing focuses on your company’s specific products and services and invites your customers and prospects to respond through a powerful call to action. Direct Mail Marketing invites your customers and prospects to buy your products or services, to visit your website, to register their interest in a promotion or campaign or to receive further information.
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The response rate for direct mail remains strong, boasting a 4.4% rate compared to 0.12% for email.


Focused and

Effective Direct Mail Marketing is targeted to those customers and prospects who need your products and services. Direct Mail Marketing allows you to tell your story and keeps your customers informed of not just all you have to offer, but also keep them informed of industry trends, building loyalty with your sales team. From inviting customers and prospects to participate in a promotion to offering a discount, to selling excess inventory to announcing a new product or service, Direct Mail Marketing is proven to be the most effective way to get your information to your customers.
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Five steps to an effective campaign

Start With The Most Qualified List of Prospects

Is your mailing list up to date? We will help you with this to get it right. It’s a customized process based on detailed demographic and geographic information. This is the most important part to having a successful program!

Use a focused and targeted approach

Don’t shoot for the moon, when there is plenty of opportunity in your surrounding area that you have not contacted. It’ll save you a lot of time and money and headache.

Tell your story - create your message

What do you do best? Why do your customers buy from you? We will create your message specifically focusing on your capabilities to make sure the benefits of your people, your products and your partnering vendors are well represented.

Partnering and Co-op

Since your key vendor partners are featured in your Prospecting Program, ask them for co-op assistance. Since they’ll share in the success, they should also share in the program’s investment.


This step couldn’t be more critical nor less important than any other step in this program. We will make sure these select new prospects receive your messages when they’re at their peak point of planning and buying.

Guaranteed results or your money back

Work with us on our proven program. If we don't meet your expectations, we will refund your fees.
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The GRA Group has worked with hundreds of clients since 1961 producing successful Direct Mail Marketing campaigns.

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